Neobank trends: EU vs Asia

Fig. 1 — Global Neo and Challenger  Bank market size and forecast
Fig. 1 — Global Neo and Challenger Bank market size and forecast
Fig. 2 — Neobanks client base growth rate. Source: A. T. Kearney 2019
Fig. 3 — Neobanking: Region-wise breakup. Source: Medici Research
  • N26 Metal — €16.90 per month which includes the sleek card, discounts with certain partner brands, and a few additional benefits.
  • Premium accounts that cost £6.99 per month;
  • Revolut Metal accounts that cost £12.99 per month;
  • Recharge Services: online recharge services for mobile subscriptions, TV channels subscriptions, data-card, etc. The company, just like other recharge services providers, charge commissions from these operators.
  • Bill Payments: It has also partnered with several education and financial organizations and act as a portal to accept education fees and insurance instalments. Revenue is generated by charging commissions from these providers.
  • Payment Solutions: it offers smart payment solutions for online businesses. The payment solutions allow them to accept online payments through Paytm. The payment option comes with no setup fee and maintenance charges. However, the company charges a commission of 1.99% on every transaction.
  • PayTm Wallet: Paytm wallet is a semi-closed wallet used to store currency in digital form which can be used to buy goods and services at identified merchant locations.
  • Digital Gold: the company wants its users to have something which they call a Gold Bank account, which will allow users not only to buy gold, and store it in digital form, but also to use the gold to buy other services.
  • PayTm Bank: the company has revamped itself as a payments bank which can accept deposits and give out interests on the deposits but can’t offer loans to its customers. It also issues debit cards with QR codes which can be scanned at various points. The bank lets you open zero deposit digital current and savings bank accounts and offers a 4% interest on saving bank accounts: Interest Arbitrage is the way Paytm bank makes money by depositing the money with some other bank and/or government deposits which provides interest rates greater than the one it provide.



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